Which is best laptop under 15k for Python?

Hi readers,

Welcome again! This blog is dedicated to new learners, college-going students, freshers, and even class 8th-12th class students who wish to learn python and are looking for a decent laptop to purchase within Rs. 15k range which can run python without any issues.

Here, I will list out some not just minimum but good-to-have system requirements when you are looking to use it for writing and executing python programs, and seamless internet browsing. Obviously, all other basic functionalities will also be there like watching movies, playing songs, and some light-weight games.

So, the first thing that I will suggest should be a 64-bit Intel-based processorThe second thing that you can look for is 4GB RAMThat's it. Verify these two things and you are good to go.

I have also shortlisted this laptop for you. Have a look, and if you wish you can go with this: