[Solved] How to install Ubuntu in Lenovo Ideapad D330?

Hello everyone!

If you have also felt that the Lenovo Ideapad D330 is too slow to run windows 10, and wish to install some lightweight Ubuntu based Distro on it to make it faster, then you have come to the right place.

Here I am about to Guide to through the process step by step to install Kubuntu on Lenovo Ideapad D330.

Step 1: Download LTS version of Kubuntu from here.

Step 2: Download Rufus and run it.

Step 3: Use Rufus to make a bootable pendrive using 'MBR' partition Scheme and 'BIOS or UEFI' target system.


Step 4: Shutdown your Lenovo Ideapad D330 and power it on. Immediately after pressing the power on button, keep pressing Fn+F2 Key multiple times unless the BIOS settings menu open. 

Step 5: Go to 'Security' tab and disable 'Secure Boot' option.

Step 6: Press Fn+F10 to save and exit.

Step 7: Again Shutdown the computer and start from power button. Immediately after keep pressing Fn+F12 Key to open Boot Options menu.

Step 8: Select the USB drive option to boot from USB.

Step 9: Now installation of Kubuntu will begin. But, you will notice that the display on the screen is in portrait mode. At this point of time it is best to use an external mouse to  follow along with the steps and complete the installation of the OS.

Step 10: Once the install finishes, your computer will restart. Now open terminal and type the below command:

xrandr -o right

Your display will become landscape.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helps!


  1. hi, when I change the orientation of the screen, it freezes and remains black, and I can no longer start kubuntu, it remains on a black screen, any solution?

  2. Please help me! i tried to install linux mint, ubuntu and kubuntu on the micro SD, and windows default on the emmc memory, and i failed all tries. Please someone help me to get 2 OS on the same PC but in different memories, sorry for my bad english.


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