[SOLVED] Make Custom Part(PCB + Schematics) in EasyEDA

Hi there, this blog is about how you can create your own custom part/PCB in EasyEDA. This article will guide you, step by step, along with the screenshots to help you understand better.
So, let’s get started!
Step 1
Go to the folder option in top menu bar.
Select New.
Select PCB Lib.
This will open a new PCBLib workspace.
Step 2
Draw your custom PCB’s layout by using Track in PCBLib Tools on the top right of your workspace.
Place pads by using Pad in PCBLib Tools on the top right of your workspace.
Change each Pad’s Number in Pad Properties on the right most panel.
I have made four Pads and labelled them 123, and 4.

Save this PCBLib file after desgning your PCB.
Step 3
Go to the folder option in top menu bar.
Select New.
Select Schematic Lib.
This will open up a new Schematic Lib workspace for you.
Step 4
Draw the Schematics of your custom PCB using Drawing Tools on the top right of your workspace.
Use Pin option fom Drawing Tools to draw the Pads. Remember, we had 4 pads in our PCB Lib file. So, here also we will make 4 pads to match that.
Also match each Pin's Number, and Spice Number to respective Pad's Number in PCBLib file.
After completing the Schematics design, to connect it to the PCBLib file, click on Package box under Custom Attributes on the rightmost panel.
Step 5
You will be greeted with Footprint Manager dialog at this point of time.
Select Select option on the right.
Select Workspace from Classes dropdown.
Click on the Tags dropdown box.
Step 6
Select All under My Libraries.
Step 7
Select your PCBLib file.
Step 8
Click Update.
Congratulations! Your custom part is now created in EasyEDA.
Step 9
To use this custom part in your schmatics, open up your schematics or create a new one by right-clicking on your project and selecting New Schematic.
Step 10
Click on Libraries option from the leftmost vertical bar.
You will be greeted with a Search Libraris dialog here.
Select EasyEDA in Search Engine.
Select SCH Libs in Types.
Select Work Spacein Classes.
Select All under My Libraries in Keywords to Filter box on the left.
Select your Schematics file and click Place button or Edit if you want to make some changes in your custom made schematics.
Currently, I am clicking Place button.
Step 11
Place your custom part in your schematics and make the connections according to you.
Step 12
Now, when you are done making the schematics, select convert to PCB from top menu as shown in the image below.
Step 13
You will see your custom PCB here with all the connections you made in the schematics.

Thanks for Reading! Happy Coding :)
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