[SOLVED] Why am I getting very slow internet speed on mobile and how to improve it?

Hi friends,
If you are sitting at home due to Covid-19 Lockdown and trying to entertain yourself by watching videos, listening to songs and playing games on your smartphones, but due to some reason internet speed on your mobile phones is not so good, and if you are wondering why, then you have come to the right place.
Your mobile phones are connected wirelessly to the nearby towers to provide you an internet connection unlike the broadband connection which is wired, and this is the main reason which explains the difference in internet speeds in both cases.
I am going to explain to you different ways by which you can improve your internet speed on mobile.
Case 1
Sometimes, the only reason is Network Signal which your mobile phone is catching. Make sure you have a good amount of Network available in your area. If network comes and goes, then also it is a problem because you won’t get an uninterrupted internet connection.
Try and find out, at what places in your home the network signal is good. Try on the terrace, balcony, lawn, or some window. You can use an old phone by inserting the sim in it, making a hotspot, and keeping it at the identified good network area by you. By doing this you are increasing the range of good network area, and then you can easily connect to that hotspot to browse internet. You can also use mini hotspot devices like Jiofi, etc. if you have any. In case you want to increase your hotspot’s range then you can use your old router as a repeater to repeat the signal from the hotspot device and increase its range.
Case 2
If still, your internet speed is slower than expected then you can try installing a DNS Changer app from Playstore. This app tries and finds the best DNS available out there to connect with, depending upon the internet speed you are getting from various DNS. You can change your DNS by using this app, and if that was your problem, it must be resolved at this step, otherwise, go to case 3.
Case 3
If your network signal is good, and DNS is not an issue, then it can be the server. You must have noticed that if you search something on google or play a video on youtube, it loads up very fast, but other downloads or streaming is very slow and is taking hell lot of time. You also have noticed that at night or at a certain time in a day, internet speed is very good, but afterward, it gets degraded.
This is because the server of google, youtube, and sites like that is very powerful and can easily serve many requests simultaneously, but the server of other sites may not be that powerful to serve many requests simultaneously. Due to Covid-19 lockdown, there is huge traffic hitting on these servers than usual, because of which it becomes hard for the servers to manage all requests concurrently, hence wait time increases and download speed decreases.
In this case, try and access alternative websites on which these are normal/low traffic.
Case 4
If still you are facing issues, then talk to your mobile operator’s customer care and address them the issue. May be your ISP is facing a huge traffic issue.
Thanks for reading. I hope it helps!


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