[SOLVED] FREE Learning Resources for Deep Learning

 Hello, fellow AI/machine Learning Enthusiasts,

If you are finding difficulty in spotting free learning resources for 'Deep Learning' and stuff on the internet, then you have come to the right place.

After extensive research over the internet, I have found a great synthesis of the best of the best Deep Learning resources, which I am going to share with you.

This combination/list of video lectures on 'Deep Learning' covers various topics like:

  1. Deep Learning (Deep Neural Networks)
  2. Machine Learning Fundamentals
  3. Optimization for Machine Learning
  4. General Machine Learning
  5. Reinforcement Learning
  6. Probabilistic Graphical Methods
  7. Bayesian Deep Learning
  8. Medical Imaging
  9. Graph Neural Networks (Geometric DL)
  10. Natural Language Processing
  11. Automatic Speech Recognition
  12. Modern Computer Vision
  13. and many more...
I am feeling very happy about sharing this resource with you because knowledge is the most expensive gift one can give. And the amount of knowledge you are going to receive via these video lectures is priceless.

Here you go:

If you find this resource helpful in any way, please do leave a comment. Thanks.