[SOLVED] How to learn Unity Game Development for FREE?

Unity is a gaming engine that allows developers to make games for free. Unity can be downloaded for FREE from https://store.unity.com/#plans-individual

Once you have downloaded Unity and installed it, you will need tutorials to learn to use unity in order to make games of your choice. 

But do not go elsewhere looking for tutorials and paying money for that. Unity has taken care of that too. Unity provides the tutorials free of cost on their website itself. These tutorials are very easy to follow and have great value. 

I assure if you will follow the tutorials provided by unity, you won't feel a need to go elsewhere on the internet to clear your concepts.

Just click on the 'Start Learning' button on https://store.unity.com/#plans-individual and begin your game development journey.

These tutorials will teach you concepts from the very start and in great detail. Also, you will learn by doing practical or making your very own game from day 1.

So, do not worry about unity game development learning resources. Unity provides it all for FREE.

Keep learning and have a good day!

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