[SOLVED] How to Make Ubuntu Running inside VirtualBox Fullscreen?

Hello Folks,

You might have encountered a case when you were running Ubuntu on VirtualBox on your Windows/Mac PC and not able to find a correct way to make it Fullscreen. 

You might have tried scaling up or zooming in but it got pixelated. Then, I have a foolproof solution to share with you which always works for me.

Step 1: Open Terminal

Step 2: Type command 'xrandr -q' and hit Enter. You will see a number of resolutions you can switch to. 

Step 3: Now run 'xrandr --output <OUTPUT> --mode <RESOLUTION>'. Choose the correct output from the result of previous command. In my case, it is 'Virtual1'. And select the resolution you want to change to. So, the command becomes 'xrandr --output Virtual1 --mode 1280x800'

Step 4: Now select 'Fullscreen' from VirtualBox menu and you are good to go.

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